I want food.

by - 2:47:00 PM

Trials is over.

I should be swimming in my overloaded drama fever or shipping myself to a holiday resort in Pangkor and forgetting all about SPM cos trials is over.

but nooo, post-trials just started today. Ridiculous.
At least my weekend was fun :)

Caught up with schoolmates right after trials.
Sorry picture too dark. No racism intended.

Had lunch with the female husband.

Went to a primary school friend's party. I miss all my pri school friends laah !
and lastly, went shopping in Ipoh.
whoop, but still the stress is still there. Blah, I can't believe they're doing this to us.

I wanna eat kompiangggg.

I want peking duckkk.

and last but not least,
Dear flower, I want homemade crepe cake :/
I traded an iPod touch for two awesome crepe cakes with the cousin
and now I am willing to trade my iPod nano.

Today feels so blah.
I have a lot of stuff to update on, all I need is a photographer.

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