I touched a Korean

by - 10:41:00 PM

I touched a Korean.

and I liked it

Ok that sounded kinda wrong but when I said touch, I mean physical contact. Like really small physical contacts wtf. I like Koreans but honestly, I don't like these people just because they have small eyes and writes boxes and lines.
That dude above, Brain Kim, he made me believe once more. Can you believe he was once fat, has pimples all over and couldn't study at all ? He used to even stutter and now he's RAPPING. and mad good at it too LOL

Korean Christian Singers came down to Sitiawan and they were mad awesome.
I admit I was reluctant to go cos not many of my close friends were going
because I'm a nerd who doesn't like to socialize
because I don't like to mix with people outside my social circle.
Which translates = Shuwen is the ultimate anti-social nerd.
but after having Kenny constantly brainwashing me during addmaths tuition, I gave in and decided to flunk Addmaths for this concert.

and boy was I glad I did that.

Didn't get much pictures because amazing me brought a camera without the memory card.
*crowd applauses*

This is obviously not my camera.
If you've missed it this year. Don't miss it next year :)

Eye bags are drooping.
Chinese paper tomorrow. Pray for me. C is good enough.

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