I chopped off my hair.

by - 3:41:00 PM

Today I woke up, and decided I am gonna chop off my hair. I am sick of people brushing my hair while singing just to make themselves look young. wtf

Before I show you my new haircut, you are forced to admire pictures of my previous waist long hair. ha.ha.ha.ha.

So long la can !

While I looked at the hairdresser chop off my hair inch by inch, I couldn't help thinking..

"This..... is such a waist of hair" wtf

So now are you ready ? :))

wee wang wang wee wang wang
whoop whoop.

I got myself bangs.

and now its that short :)
My head feels so much lighter now ! Even though its kind of sad to see the long curly locks I've nurtured up till now being cut away and brushed aside, but WOOTS no more half hour long hair blowing sessions !!
and best of all, I no longer wish my legs were as long as my hair. HAHA

Adios long hair, you were beautiful while it lasted.

So what do you think ? :)

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