House Party 2011.

by - 12:54:00 PM

House party at home last night yo !
IKR, why am I such an efficient facebooker slash blogger.

Party to celebrate Fatty #1's birthday.
There were around.. 80 people ? 100 ?

So many adorable kids came la can !
Boo boo bear :)))

I have no idea who that crazy woman behind is. :B

Omg you do not know how long it took to bribe her into this picture.

All the way from Taiwan !

Food was good. Roasted pork, tons of curry, rendang and heck mum's awesomelicious fruit punch. I can has fruit punch for the rest of the week. ehehehehe.

Free fireworks somemore. asaaa :)

Fatty #2 plays alot of football, but he never slims down.
Thats cos he plays football in a box LOL.


Kindergarden graduation picture :B

Omg so cute. wtf. just kidding.

It would've felt like a CNY party if no one reminded me that SPM trials is 3 days away.
Very depressing ok ? I haven't even started on physics.
and Physics paper is this.. Thursday or something. DIE.

Anyway, serious question.
Does anyone know any magazines/companies recruiting male models ?

Cos idk i think he has potential. IM SERIOUS. :B

Will be blogging less after today.
but you know thats not true cos I never mean what i say wtf.
Wish me luck for trials ! BYEE :)

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