HA ! Liar.

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The reason why I update even less after trials is because I just got zapped into absolute space by Eric, Lee Jin Wook and Han Ye Seul where they drained me mentally and physically with their funny expressions and non stop tug-o-war

In other words, I just got back on my Drama Fever.

Recently I have been going out a lot and while chatting up with old friends, many people surprisingly (at least surprisingly to me la) knows a lot about me and when I respond with my usual "WTF HOW YOU KNOW ONE ?", they go like "Aiya read your blog ma"

In a blink of an eye I have been managing lingshuwen.blogspot.com for FIVE FREAKING YEARS already. I know right, some bloggers who have been blogging for only a year has a higher income than me. Pathetic or what.
But it started out as an online diary because apparently writing with a pen in a book takes up more energy than clicking and typing.

So now, here I am. After five years, with more money (at least now I can check out from nuffnang wtf) and more readers. Sometimes I get really unexpected readers. Like super duper over super long lost friends or like my parent's friends. Hi auntie ! Thanks for reading.

Then there are the kind of people, who think reading my blog is something to be ashamed of. Honestly I don't feel hurt. I write to express, not to impress.
These people, secretly read my blog, and when I find out, they coolly reply

"Aiya, I sien ma, thats why I just click in and see what you have to say. Not that I am interested to read anything you have to say since its mostly #crap and does not contribute to the society, not like you can feed African kids with your blog also pfft"

Sorry, exaggerated the last part. You probably had ALOT of sien moments cos you kept coming back. You don't like my blog and it is not interesting at all ?
HA ! Liar. Come back tomorrow ok ?

Or I'll have to use more Mickeys to bribe you. muahahaha.

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