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Recently I filtered my Facebook friend list. I deleted everyone who have never made an effort to make friends with me.

" And wow I still have 1067 friends, I must be kind of popular ! "

self absorbed moment ends.

I still have 320 pending friend requests that I am not intending to approve but too lazy to disapprove.
Just in case you get the wrong idea, I'm not trying to show off how many friends I have and how many people who wants to be friends with me
(I am maybe showing off my new profile picture though, I think I look kinda cute HAHA)

The thing is, now with the increasing number of people on facebook, everyone writes everything up there. This includes where they've been, what they've been doing, what's on their mind....

With all these features, I can easily track which restaurant that boy I fancy had lunch at, and with who. I can easily know how my friends did for trials and what their mum cooked for dinner. It's such a public matter that the word 'privacy' just doesn't fit in anymore.

Therefore, I've limited my Facebook friend list to only people I've met, people I've talked to, or bloggers. All those people (even some from my hometown) whom has ignored my effort to communicate and make friends has been ruthlessly deleted.

I don't believe in making friends through Facebook. I mean, how sure are you that the person who just added you just "wants to be friends ?"
Especially when one of their 2348239 interests is "Sex". I'm serious. Some people really write that on facebook, I've seen them.

I know I'm being a hypocrite by saying this cos I've made friends through blogging, twitter, but that's a different matter okay !
Facebook should be private, a blog on the other hand, is meant to be open to public, unless you run a public blog that is, and most of the stuff I say on Twitter are either #crap or bullshit.

So from now on, I'll only accept people I really know, my readers, or bloggers, for short everyone who has tried to make friends with me. No point having 23749283742893 strangers on your Facebook FRIEND list.

Oh and recently I found out this person, whom before this I've regarded as a friend, removed me and another friend on facebook. I totally understand if she wants privacy but the funniest part is, she openly talked about the other friend she removed on her facebook status. What she didn't know was she forgot to privatize her facebook wall.
I don't know whats the problem, and I do not know why you removed me AGAIN, but I'm not gonna let you do it anymore. And please privatize your wall before you openly "confront" someone again please. Thanks :)

SEE ? This is why privacy is important.

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