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My wishlist has been left un-updated since February -- READ
and recently, I have had a lot of cravings. I am STILL saving money, just not for everything anymore. I've been a really good kid ok ! I use like RM10 phone credit for a month. Damn jimat can.

Wishlist August 2011

#1 2PM concert in Malaysia.

The boys are having an Asia Tour this coming September for their 2nd album - Hands Up and as a loyal Hottest, I've been saving up since May hoping they would come to Malaysia. If they DO come to Malaysia, imma get ALL the merchandise they have there.

BUT THEN, one thing about JYP is, they go to Singapore, then Thailand.
fml, Malaysia, you may be a large piece of land, but why doesn't anyone notice you ???? T____T So 2PM, PLEASE COME TO MALAYSIA OK ?

#2 Beanipet

and if all else fails and 2PM skips Malaysia (like they always do)
I'll get a Beanipet with all the money I've collected.
Read more about Beanipet here !!
I've actually had this on my wishlist for a while now.......

like a year.
Jun Yue, the creator of Beanipet, is a genius.
She makes one of a kind huggable pillows called beanipets and damm are they cute.
So cute I can really wanna melt everytime I click her shop.
Of course, you gotta pay a higher price of her adorable workings, but then even if you HAVE the money, you'll have to compete against other buyers to get them since she only creates ONE of each kind. I'm still waiting for the one that will make me fall instantly in deep love sleep and never wake up like Cinderella or something.

ok nevermind I got carried away.

#3 Iphone skin

I've got sick of cases. Skins are sooooo cuteeeeee.

SO ADORABLE OK ? Like this don't even have to go buy a case. Just gotta get bumpers to prevent damage if I drop it. So freaking adorable.
I wanted to buy this off Amazon but there was no free shipping and plus it wouldn't reach in time :/ So too badddd. I'll just have to look around for more. My friend reckons Singapore has a lot.

#4 A room makeover !

I want a pink room.

Probably not this kuazhang but then the colour is so pretty !!

I want walls for me to stick my wall stickers and tons of adorable pink furniture.
I told my mum I want a pink room and the first thing she said to me was

"You crazy ah ?"

followed by

"You're about to be 17 you know?"

Oh so heart shattering. When I was browsing the net I was thinking to myself this item on the wishlist would probably not come true cos I'll be leaving for college, and it'll be temporary rooms all the way till I get married ?

but nevermind, its good to dream hehehehehe.

Maybe I'll get a pink room for my daughter and we'll exchange rooms. hehehehehehe

So yeah, its just four items !!
and my birthday is coming *hints hints* :B
and oh, I don't blankly wish for stuff okay. I actually work hard for it.

For example I rajin blog so that you guys will rajin read so that I will earn so that I can go shop. So yes, be a good reader, continue dropping by so that I can get more money soon ok? :)

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