Want a holiday home ?

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Recently my family went over to Ipoh Tambun to look at some of the lakeside villas.

Seriously, this is one of the most relaxing housing areas I've seen.

Lake, mountain, jogging track.
Its so shady that you can start jogging at 5 in the afternoon !

I sometimes wonder why my gengchao mum chose teaching instead of marketing. She talks so much that she made friends with some of the people staying there (don't ask me how, she's just mad amazing) and one of them even let us barge into their under-renovation house.

You open your backdoor, you get a pinnacle and a kayaking area.
Damn, I wanna go kayak.

Mum calls the place shi wai tao yuan
Like.. like the kind of place where Confucius would stay at (I don't really know where he stays but I'm assuming the place he stays at alot of mountains la, since its.. China wtf)
Also the place where he will play his guzheng and write san guo yan yi or something

and the lake, is FILLED with huge fishes.
Not the ugly grey fishes but the colorful koi like fishes.

Mum playing tour guide.
They're building new units next to this block of houses. So if you're looking for a holiday home, consider this ! There are actually quite alot of KL people coming down here to search for a second home. Like a hideout from the city.

Fatty brothers playing the thumb game.
So ghey they're wearing the same shirt. Ghey fatties. hahahaha.

Everyone meet Momo.
He belongs to the people who let us barge into their under-renovation house.
Seriously, the people there are overly friendly. We were there just to look at houses but they treated us like we were already neighbours !
They were like "Faster get a house here ! Then New Year come to our opening party okay?"

Shall end this post with Momo.

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