Wagyu Beef @ Foos Steak House

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Someone please whack me for not being a responsible blogger for not bringing my camera around and providing ugly pictures and then using photoshop to edit into not-so-pro pictures but a little less grainy pictures.

Can't wait for the day when iPhone releases a version with camera 203242839.0 megapixels or photoshop releases a button that says "Make my grainy picture look pro dSLR like"

Wagyu Beef @ Foos Steak House
Vegetarians are warned to not continue reading.
We were late and the chef's utensils were already sitting on that grass like hedge waiting for our arrival. Everyone was so hungry that we skipped the starter.
Straight on to the beef.

I swear it doesn't taste as bad as it looks. Blame me for not bringing a better camera :/

Daddy smelling the beef.

Cut and served right in front of us.

The chef looks so hardworking here. Look at his sweat.

Medium rare Wagyu Beef.
I melt (in a bad way) at human blood but I melt (in a good way) at cow's blood LOL.
I am like a steak fan and damn this is good. Tender, juicy. Like like.... cow sashimi

I actually like seeing the blood oozing out omg I'mafreak.
VERY filling. Eat only on empty stomach days.

Of course good food doesn't come cheap. The meat alone was a 4 digit.
But then like idkwhosaid, once in a lifetime ma, eat when you still can :))

SO SORRY about the ugly pictures. I promise my next food post will have better pictures. Not dSLR pro like pictures la, just.. better ones LOL.

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