Sunday, August 21

Unique Seafood Restaurant.

Unique Seafood Restaurant
5, Persiaran Lagoon
Sunway 1, 31150 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel : 05-546 5010

IKR ! Qi Guai should be more like weird instead of unique.
This restaurant, just like the name, offers all kinds of unique, or weird (whichever translation you prefer) .. ok slash all that. Exotic seafood.

ehehe this post has better pictures but still not proass like .__.

Like spider crabs.

Or geoducks. Which in my opinion, look nothing like ducks.
More like Gary the snail wtf.

Fatty #1 and fatty #2. Our second time there, Fatty #1's first time.

#1 Started off with Lobster sashimi.
We were also provided with soup to dip our lobster meat if we prefer it cooked.
It tastes better cooked though, lobster sashimi just tastes the same as any other sashimi.

#2 One of their signature dishes - Spider crab in scallop sauce.
sorry for the blurr pic. I was doing the taking-picture-sambil-eating-crab stunt.

Amazingly huge claw.

#3 Huge fresh oysters. Yumm :)

#4 Lobster mee.
Amazingly good.

#5 Cheese baked Spider Crab.
Amazingly x2 good.

One down side of this restaurant is, it gives you bruised fingers.
Like the previous post, good food doesn't come cheap.
but aiya, eat while you can mah kan. hehehe.
Dinner these past few days had been amazing. I'm like tumpang-ing fatty #1's luck :)

Hopefully this will be the last food post. I have Interact Installation this Friday and I'm worried I can't fit into my dress :/


Henry Tan said...

oh man! im hungry!!!

btw, may i know how much izit?
coz usually those are expensive!

Shuwen said...

Whole dinner was approx.. RM1200 ? haha

Hilda Milda™ said...

1.2K for a dinner, oh wow :O But the cheese baked spider crab sure look good!

Nikel Khor said...

the name is so so weird

ken said...

lobster sashimi? where is the sashimi? lol.. but the name of the restaurant relates well with the dishes ah.. quite different :)

Shuwen said...

@hilda it was good :))
@nikel yaa. haha its so weird its called unique LOL
@ken its camouflaging in the ice. HAHA