Thank you :D

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Hits for the past few days had been amazing. Not as amazing as when I was on innit nuffnang, but still, better than the past few months :)

I used to be able to hit 200 a day, but now its down to 100. Recent hits had been good cos I had too much #crap to talk about that I updated everyday. When I don't update, hits drop to about HALF. but its okay. I'm grateful for the 100 of you :)

So to all you people who has been reading my blog, thank you very much !
I have a gift for you all.

Ok Taecyeon caricature. HAHAHA

Just kidding this gift isn't for any of you. Its for me. :P

My little cousin has been staying with me for a while now and she draws ALL SORTS OF THINGS for me. Like that day she drew this before I woke up and left it on my table.

I posted it on instagram and got comments like
"Tell us the truth. How much did you pay her?" and
"I bet you drew that yourself right? right?"
but its ok, at least she thinks I'm pretty.
Once again, I thank all my awesome readers.
Thank you for reading my #crap post. I hope you enjoyed this piece of #crap :)
Sorry I had coffee and I'm starting to #monologue again. :B

Its kinda sad Steve Jobs resigned. He was the genius who made "apple" not just another red round fruit. I wonder what Tim Cook would do next. "Cook" the apple ? #coldjoke #silence.

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