Tuesday, August 30

Sushi King @ Sitiawan !

Sushi King is in Sitiawan yo !
Right next to Big Apple in Tesco.

I know I know, Sushi King is EVERYWHERE, whats there to blog about. I should just blog about the real king, Michael Jackson's birthday.
but honestly, there IS nothing to blog about.

That, is how disappointed I am with Sushi King.

I don't mean to be picky about my food but not only where there little varieties, it was also really overpriced fml. I shall not comment on the price since its the same everywhere. I wouldn't have mind if the food tasted awesome.
but then, the food was just meh. Well at least the company for dinner was good :)


I tell you, if I took this picture 10 minutes later. It'll still look exactly like this.
Same. food. rotating.

but ok la, looks good :B
It wasn't very worth it for my other cousin bro though.

He was there for wasabi.

More constipated faces of pxpxpxpxwee.

No wonder there were so little customers there. I was expecting sushi king to be packed.
Since.. you know.. Sitiawan people spend their day hogging on facebook and have nothing better to do but well... looks like people prefer hogging on facebook.

RM130 for 3 adults and a child. Porkgai.
It would have been wiser to spend that RM130 going opposite the road to Foos Steak House and get THICK, slices of sashimi and FRESHLY GROUND WASABI.

I should be like ambassador of Foos. Sorry. I like that restaurant.
Will be going on internet fast for 2 days. Pray that I succeed ok ? :)


Hilda Milda™ said...

I think Sushi King is still okay, not really overpriced cause I've been to japanese restaurants that offer more pricey food.

Shuwen said...

but pricey places offer great jap food. The varieties here are seriously so little ! Hopefully they expand soon or smth XD

LauraLeia said...

Hmm... I haven't been to Sushi King in ages. Price is okay, but i'd rather pay a bit more for nicer food from other Japanese food joints.

J said...

hey i was at tesco today too! went to big apple instead of sushi king lol.