Sitiawan has Korean Food

by - 1:11:00 PM

GOOD NEWS SITIAWANESE ! Not only is Sushi King opening AND hiring at Tesco,


Which also means we no longer need to drive to Ipoh to get a bowl of Bibimbap :)

Foos Steak House is easily one of my favourite restaurants in Sitiawan.
Not only were they the first restaurant to offer sashimi and super fresh wasabi, they now have a korean menu ! So head on over to Foos Steak House located behind Kamdar now !

I dont know, was it there all along ? I've never noticed it before but heck, I am gonna be going back there soon for bulgolgi, jap chae, bibimbap and jjambbong. All hail Korean food :)

Now all we need is Starbucks.

Damn, Foos should pay me for free advertisement.

Just kidding :)
Will be updating about our Wagyu beef dinner out at Foos tomorrow.
So come back tomorrow ok ? :B

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