Rise of the planet of the apes.

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Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is a MUST WATCH.
Really, this movie made me want to turn agaisnt my own race.
The monkey is just maximum loaded yeng.

Last weekend I watched it with fatty and cousins. My cousin is back from uni AGAIN.
He comes back so often that I don't even get the chance to miss him haha !
Dinner after movie and my cousin suggested 333, a local hawker center.

It has been there since idk when, next to The Store but it was me and fatty's first time there.
Greedy fatty being his greedy self ordered Barley besar

and he got this.

but fret not ! Nothing is too big for our fatty.

Idk but I find RM1 barley kinda expensive.
Can totally get a glass somewhere else for 80 cents la ! *pro maths aunty tone
Popiah was goood :))
I'm really used to eating veggie filled popiah at home that keropok filled popiah makes me damn excited. LOLOLOL

Me and cousin bro had claypot chicken rice
It was REALLY meh. Not as good as 777's (now at China Town).

and damn 7 expensive also lor.

This is uhm, rice with egg and tomato sauce.
Thats probably every ingredient.

Chicken wings were good.
So shiny like sunsilk commercial hair la can.


Recently our TV went haywire, so mum got a new one.

No, I don't watch football.
Fatty was watching and I wanted to take a picture, he was like
"WAIT YOU CANNOT TAKE NOW..... Man Utd losing"
and changed the channel wtf.

but damn I like this TV, its like amplifying all my dramas. Totally satisfying my drama craze.
aaah, Chris Wang damn hot right ? :)))

ok not really. but he is in this drama. :B

I've been kinda busy lately, studying for upcoming trials and all.
How hardworking everyone is is really scaring the heck outta me.
More food posts, more classes to skip soon cos big fatty is coming back from America this Monday ! I can totally picture my diet plan crashing T____T

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