Its freaking August.

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This post is #crap. Continue at your own risk.

Ohmygosh. I just realised. 40 more minutes and the first day of August will be gone. GONE. 40 more minutes and it will be officially August already.

Ok actually today is already officially August. OHMYGOSH tomorrow will be the second day of official August 2011. Dammit.
This is freaking me out seriously, ok lets see.
I have one month to SPM trials, 3 months to SPM, 6 months to college, 1 year to uni, 4 years to work and then kids.
Time is like running out. I can't believe its August 2011. It still feels like July.
More like July 2007, my first year of high school. OMG TIME Y U NO FLY SLOWER ?!
I can't believe its the last year of my high school already. Like soon I'm gonna have kids.

I'm obviously paranoid. Like today when the principal was giving us the motivational speech my whole mind was thinking about (I don't know where it came from) whether I should go through surgery to stop my hands from sweating. Yeah wtf. It was just a random thought, which turned into a major freak out.
I started asking myself questions like
"Homaigosh, if I go through surgery I'll have to draw blood. If I draw blood it'll be painful. I'll probably break that needle like I did when I was a kid, then I'll faint. How sharp will the needle be ? How painful will it be ?"
When obviously my main problem right now is how to finish 11 subjects in 1 month.


Ok actually not really, cos I wanna have kids. HAHAHAHAHA
omg now I'm laughing at my own jokes. How lame can I be.

I think my sudden hyperness is polluting the internet but wait, lemme tell you a joke.
There was a guy who was a really good football player and belonged to a renowned football club. and the club was called....... KFC

I should really NOT drink coffee in the future.
I think I should spend the rest of the first day of August 2011 in bed and stop writing all this crap. Not like anyone reads it anyway. LOL Goodnight.

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