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I have heard many people say

"If only I had Megan Fox's body, then I will truly be happy"
"Wah if I'm a billionaire I sure happy la"
"If I can get new boobs I'll be soooo happy"

Everyone searches for happiness. Everyone wants to be happy and they are willing to do anything for it. Most people describe happiness in only two words. -- Looks, money.
I bet most people out there have dreamt of being rich, because being rich means you can buy anything you want and getting everything you want makes you happy.
But really ? Will you be happy if you have a body that looks like Megan Fox ?

The times when I was happiest wasn't riding a sports car to school. It wasn't the time when I'm watching TV on mum's new LCD TV, neither was it the time when I would get enough pocket money to go shopping.

My happiest memories weren't those at an expensive resort eating expensive food. My best memories were right here, at home. When we would squat on the kitchen floor and dad will open durians for every one of us. The times when mum would make us char koey teow and the whole family will sit out in the garden to eat while enjoying the moon.

I rant alot about school, how much I hate school and how I wish everyday was a holiday. I've skipped school many times because I didn't want to go to school, but honestly, that didn't make my day any happier. My happiest time of a day, is lunch time.
When 6 hours of boring school is over and I get to guess what food is waiting for me at home. If I don't go to school, I won't get that feeling of anticipation, nothing to look forward to, nothing to rejoice. I would just be at home, typing.. like now.
The best lunch isn't shark fin soup or lobster sashimi.
This bowl of chapfan bought from the shop next to my father's office is so good that I jump around the house everytime I have this for lunch. It is soo good that once when dad finished up my rice I nearly cried.

Of course you can't deny, lobster is good. Sharkfin is good.
but if you had the money to eat that everyday, will you ?
Once in a while happiness comes from cheap stuff. Like Korean instant noodles :)))

You want all the money in the world. To buy yourself hundreds of dresses, so that you can doll up everyday, make yourself look pretty.
but then choose. Painful heels or oversized tee with hair let loose ?

This is brown ball of hair makes me happy. That small blue ball makes him happy.
No money involved.

Whats the point of being famous ? You have to hide paparazzi, you can't go anywhere.
Whats the point of being rich ? You can't even walk out without your bodyguards cos snatch thieves are everywhere. So how ? Happy now ?

The truth is,
Happiness is not having what you want, it is enjoying what you have.
Damn I'm gonna go buy that awesome shiz lunch again tomorrow :D :D

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