Friendship Day

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I don't think there's a particular Friendship Day, but today my friend brought it up and told us that her friends back in her old school exchanged gifts on Friendship Day.

How often do we forget to thank the people you see everyday ? The people who stand by you no matter what happens ?
I have a special friend. She may be shorter than 155cm but heck, she has one big heart (not forgetting a big head also hahahahahahahaha)
We have been best friends for... four years now ?

and just so you know, I keep all these small papers you draw for me :)
This was in.. 2008 ?

She randomly writes my ex's name on papers too LOL.
I like the color so I kept it haha !

and today,
Yeah thats my soontobe tall skinny boyfriend.
and I feel kinda insulted to be called a shorty by someone shorter than me lor. HAHAHA

She has been the best right hand, best partner in crime, best partner in ponteng, best friend.
So nice that she helps me pose even when I'm busy.

I am obviously taller. HAHAHAHAHA
We are so close that once her ____ asked her if we were lesbians wtf

So on this selfproclaimed Frienship Day, I would like to shoutout to all my awesomelicious friends for always being there for me, for all the support and all the love :)

I don't have to list names, you know who you are :D
I loveee you guys much, even though you guys don't read my blog and don't click on my ads haha !

I really don't know what I would be without ANY of you :))

After this year, everything will be different but I hope our friendship won't :)

Find a day to show your friends how much you appreciate them !


I had to look through old pictures for this blogpost.
and I nearly teared when I looked at a picture of myself at the beach.


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