American fatty is back !

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15, August 2011 12.30pm.
The fatty has landed.

So yes, the bigger fatty is back from the States. Anyone felt earthquake yesterday afternoon ahh ? :B I only get to see big fatty a few months a year so of course I was excited ! And to top it all off, big fatty is like Santa Claus. Or uhm, a fisherman........ cos he uhm hauls alot of stuff back. #silence #coldjoke

Shopping in America is like thumbs up thumbs up cos everything is so much cheaper over there compared to Malaysia so everytime big fatty comes home, we'll make him buy alot of stuff back :D :D

Big fatty and his box of goodies, fatty looking on.
This is getting confusing. #1 fatty shall be big fatty and #2 fatty shall be small fatty ok ?
Save the confusion.


Dog bed for peanut.
Pet shops in Malaysia don't give you dog beds for RM30.

Jogging shoes !
My other pink ones disappeared into thin air and I have been jogging shoe-less for a year already ! Finallllly :)))

Juicy Couture tracksuit.
My legs are a little too short for the pants LOL.
Dammit legs, Y U NO LONG LIKE HYUN AH'S ?

His ipad 2 !
It reminds me of Ok Taecyeon LOL He tweets with his iPad and blackberry. Maybe I should think about changing to blackberry LOL. ok I'm crazy. Ignore this sentence tyvm.


My parents actually gave me permission to go to 2PM ASIA TOUR 2011 IN MALAYSIA ON THE 27th NOV !! As long as I can do well and am confident I can do well for SPM.
I'M FINALLY GETTING TO MEET OK TAECYEON, IN PERSON. *font size 234872348923748239472839 ME ME ME SO EXCITED SO FREAKING EXCITED. I'm gonna like hardcore study hardcore save money from now on. I die die wanna get into the rockpit die die wanna get all their merchandise.

Just the thought of the concert makes me want to study now.
So yeah I gotta go study now.

Iron (II) sulphate is green, Iron (III) sulphate is brown and uhm something is pink but i don't know what it is, I think its phenolphthalein. Dear iron nail, I really don't care how you rust or what color your rust is ok ? #monologue #fail

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