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Diva Giveaway has finally ended and yes I have my winner :)
There were a lot of convincing entries. I'm not trying to be cocky but WAH I DIDN'T KNOW SO MANY OF YOU THINK I'M AWESOME LA. HAHAHA I think I should rename myself to awesomeling and like change the url to

Ok jokes aside, there ARE some really convincing ones.
Like Fairy Whisper's poem and Lilyn's (I hope my blog continues to tickle you hahaha)
but there can only be one winner.
I'm trying to like make this blogpost longer so that you guys will be going "Oh shut up, tell us who won already" muahaha but then if you scrolled down to the bottom of the post before reading all these crap then i duan friend you liao ;/

Just kidding.
So yes, the winner of Diva Giveaway is ......................................

dum dum dum dum dum dum

drum rolls ?

I'll be baaaack~ Neon dashi nareul chajeul geoyaaa~

Put yo hands up, put yo hands up, put put put yo hands up for

Aik Ying Chien !

As convincing as the other posts are, none is as detailed as hers.
Just by reading her entry I can see that she has really put alot of thought into this contest and has been following my blog for quite some time.
I mean, I myself don't even read my own old posts but she dug out everything.
NOT ONLY THAT, her entry was mad amazing cos she got me new followers, new readers :) So many hits from her blog since she participated ! LOL
I feel like a reader stealer :B

Anyway, congrats to Ying Chien ! Will find a way to give the stuff to you soon !
and to those of you who didn't win, its okaay :) Continue to make more people follow me then when I reach 200 followers maybe I'll give out something more expensive and more gender friendly ok ? muahahaha :)
Going to KL tomorrow instead of going for 1 sukan marathon.

Just when I thought Malaysia has already reached its dumbest point, they come up with 1Murid, 1Sukan, 1Malaysia. *face palm* Good luck to those taking part !
Hope you have fun with the 1.5km marathon *grins*

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