Pictures worth uploading.

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I just looked at my past posts and I couldn't help wondering,

How come i used to be so funny ah ? So boring nao, last time got like 20+ comments per post but now I've dropped to like, 1 or 0.

Exams are two weeks away and I'm cramming my brain with electromagnetic induction and terms like Phalanges, clavicle and sutures.
and there are so many things to blog about so to sum up everything (and reduce using too much brain capacity so that I can fit in more chemical terms), this is gonna be a picture post on recent happenings ! :)

Gladys' birthday @ Pizza Hut

Julia's farewell.
There's supposed to be more pictures but my friend is being a male bitch, he duan upload :/
I miss you Jules <3

Rojak Manjung
Best *underline* rojak. ever.

Random school day. My hair was looking neat :)

Apple crisp from Ling Yiwen PTY LTD

Kid VS Pig @ Extra Super Tanker.

More posing kid. Cute overload.

Kid and sis.

Spider Crab @ Unique Restaurant, Lost World Tambun.


Lobster sashimi. Orgasm orgasm orgasm orgasm


Peking Duck @ Ta Thong Ipoh


That probably sums up what I've been doing lately. Yeah I know right, Ipoh, KL, Sitiawan I've been everywhere but all that luxurious food has come to an end.
Pre-trials are here, sister went back.
Back to char koey teow and economy rice.

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