Mom's birthday.

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Yesterday we celebrated mom's birthday at Foos Steak House. Her birthday is two weeks later but we celebrated it earlier cos sis is going back to Aussie soon.

Forgive me for the lousy picture quality. Taken with a compact and the restaurant had really lousy yellow lighting :/

We reserved a place at the steak house and had the chef organize the whole night for us. He decided all our food.

Starters :

Kininango. Or in other words, Japanese ikan bilis.
Was really nice, just that the bone got stuck between my teeth and I had a really tough time getting it out LOL.

Grilled salmon. Thumbs up (Y)

Salmon, scallop and squid sashimi.
I'm a hugeee fan of sashimi and even tough Foos' is kinda a little overpriced but it is worth every penny. Even the wasabi is fresh ! I would rather spend here, eating a few slices of orgasmic salmon than pay the same amount at Jogoya for a whole bunch of salmon that doesn't taste like salmon.

Mains were steaks. Everyone had the same steak, prepared in different ways.

This is mine and I tell you...
More mouth orgasms.
So tender, so juicy and there was a whole range of sauces to choose from.
Mushroom, black pepper, blue cheese, balsamic, BBQ just to name a few.

Complimentary dessert by the chef
Homemade goma and caramel pudding.
The goma ice cream was something like black sesame ice cream and it was just amazing.
Best ice cream ever seriously.

Sorry for the pictures, now for some better ones :))

I think mum has had the same cake on her birthday for more than 2 years already.

Uhm, my dad's girlfriend.

Don't worry, no one can guess your name. You look as young as the number of candles on your cake :)

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