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I know I've blogged about this before and I know I'm not even 17 and probably shouldn't be thinking about this but recently, a lot of things have been going on.

Everywhere, there are news about divorces, relationship problems, family problems etc etc and it makes me wonder. Whats the point of getting married and having a family when all you want is pretty girls and fun ?
Whats the point of getting married when you're gonna find yourself someone else then regret getting married ? Whats the point of getting married and having kids when in the end you want to abandon all of them just cos you found someone else ?

I've met people like that (no, not only in dramas) and I can't help feeling disgusted.
Ok some people are gonna say managing a relationship and tolerating each other isn't a very easy task and it needs a lot of effort which I still don't know about.
And some boys are even gonna give me excuses like
"Its normal for boys to like pretty girls and want to have some fun no matter how old they are" Yeah fun my arse. If being friends with GROs are fun then please, don't get married. Don't even get into a relationship. Earn your money and have all the fun you want.

Sorry to be sexist but most boys nowadays care about inner beauty/
Ok fine, you love your wife of 10 years who is obese and never wears makeup and wears her pyjamas every where she goes.
but love is nothing without commitment. You love her, but every night you meet other girls. I bet Shakespeare would understand that kind of deep love.

There's a drama airing on SX about this girl, who is dating her cousin's husband.
I know, its called drama, but I don't believe there's no guys like that out there. The weirdest part is that the girl calls her married boyfriend "Brother in law".
I super do not get it. If a guy is willing to cheat on his girlfriend to be with you, what makes you think he won't cheat on you to be with another prettier/sexier girl ?

Like XX's post, READ HERE. You can say you trust your boyfriend/husband. But I doubt any boy can resist not doing anything if a girl strips naked in front of him.

Our English teacher recently gave us an essay titled "My future husband/wife". There were complaints from some of the students, saying "You can't just determine what husband you want. What if you meet someone you love who isn't what you expect and isn't someone like the one you wrote in your essay ? How can you expect someone you love to change just cos you expected a guy like that ? This essay is bullshit."

but in my opinion, everyone SHOULD have an idea of what kind of guy he/she wants. You fall in love with someone you didn't expect ? Ok so lets say you don't expect anything from your husband. Are you just gonna get married to someone who doesn't have any life principles ? Someone who isn't determined to work, someone unloyal, someone unfaithful ?
Of course you should have in mind what kind of boy you want and if according to what you said, "Meet someone you love who isn't what you expected" then no I don't think you should get married. If you expect someone loyal but you fall in love with someone who is not, you're gonna get married to him ? Smart.

Many people out there, blindly use the word FOREVER. That word is so overrated seriously. I can only think of one thing that lasts forever and thats PLASTIC.
I don't know what the world has become, but wouldn't it be awesome if everyone stayed loyal to their partner and not cheat on each other ?

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