Sunday, July 3

666 111.

Today I opened blogger and saw that I posted 666 posts already.
That just shows how long I've been blogging and how useless my posts are that I'm still not fehmas after 6 years T________________________T

But yeah, this blogpost is just a post to get rid of the number.
666 is not a nice number, but 111 is, which marks the number of followers I have. HAHAHA REPETITION IS CATCHYYYY

By the way, to all you people who are studying for pre-trials. I hope my blogpost distracts you cos I duan any of you study more than me and I duan anyone better than me cos I'm kiasu like that and because I'm kiasu like that I want no one to study cos im not studying muahahaha

Just joking, I'm not that selfish pfffft.
Thank you for reading this boliao post, I'm gonna go find something better to do now.