Getting serious.

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As you can see from the title, this blogpost is serious.
Something serious came up and now I've got to be really serious.
From today onwards, I have no choice but to blog less, this serious situation has brought me to this tough decision but no, there is nothing else I can do.
It is so serious that I'm even stopping all my kdramas T___T

Pre-trials is less than a freaking week away.
I mean most after SPMers would be like "Oh its just pre-trials"
but then, I've been skipping TOO many classes, and stopping TOO many tuitions that my brain currently only remembers what the teachers taught up till May.
So yeah, from today onwards I will be seriously camping in this room.

with all my companions
My table is such a huge mess than you can like play Where's Wally in it.

Spot Wally !

Ok you're probably as sick as me looking at my sick books that your sickness is so serious you're gonna get sick and go see a doctor get an injection and antibiotics so you feel better and lessen the serious situation, THEREFORE,

This picture is to save all that money for seeing the doctor getting an injection getting antibiotics to make yourself less sick.

I was so mad happy last night that I had Taec's signature but then I referred to more signatures and I found out it was printed so now I'm kinda disappointed but its ok, better than nothing.
Or better than my friend who is a hardcore SNSD fan, passed by them at Incheon airport and didn't notice until they left. HAHAHA.

Shall blog about Julia's farewell soon. After I cover all that sick books. With a cloth.
HAHAHAHA ok you probably didn't get my joke. So yeah bye.

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