Essay on My Future Husband

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One day during English lesson : Essay - My future husband

At a young age of 17, we are just a few years away from adulthood. It is only normal for someone to picture their future life partner at this age. More and more divorces are happening every year, therefore having in mind the kind of partner and the type of marriage you want actually helps prepare you for the future.

Start of crap

Personally, I would prefer a muscular man. He must have siz packs, big biceps and also a firm chest. This is so that I do not get bullied around him. He should also have broad shoulders to protect and cover me in times of need. He must also be tall. The ideal height would be above 180cm. He should also be handsome with sharp features. A sharp nose is a big plus.

Apart from anything physical, he must be a Christian. He must be spiritually strong. I believe a couple should not put all faith in each other to make a marriage work but faith must be put in God to bless the marriage. He must be loyal and trustworthy. He would not lie and definitely should not flirt with anyone. He must be hardworking and determined, only then will he be rich enough to support me during shopping season.

Patience is very important. My future husband must be someone who would put up with my rants and spend time with the kids. He should also be good in sports so that his evenings would be spent playing football or basketball with the kids. He must be smart and have a good sense of humour. He must be someone who will brighten up the mood at home.

He must be talented and interested in extreme sports. It would be best if he could sing, breakdance and beatbox. He should also be supportive, caring and sociable. He must be someone who can mix around at an event full of strangers easily. It would also help if he's a worldwide famous billionaire.

These are the traits I want in my future husband but the most important trait my husband should possess is to treat me like a princess and love me just the way I am.


Amazingly I got an A for this piece of crap.
And also by the looks of it...

I don't think I will get married LOL.

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