Epop feature.

by - 2:21:00 PM

Hi ! If you came from Epop, then welcome !

but I doubt you did, cos no one reads that page. Well at least I don't.

Recently the celebrity magazine which I often read featured my facebook page !

I don't usually read that column, just last May I was flipping through epop looking for more Ok Taecyeon when I noticed this notreallygoodlookingbutnotugly girl featured so I told fatty "Wah, if she can get featured, then I definitely can liao right?"
So, out of pure boredom I sent in my application.
I didn't really expect anything and they didn't respond to my email until few days ago telling me I should buy that certain issue.

I super cincaily answered all the survey questions. I didn't even tell them what pictures I want them to put in, I just told them to pick from my facebook themselves.

budden I kinda smart la, I remembered to put in my blog link *grins*

and also mention Ok Taecyeon.
Ok now I seriously hope he reads epop. wtf

but then there were a few mistakes too.

The green words in chinese translates
"Wants to be a rich mistress"
Correction. WANTED.

but damn I find my own answers embarassing :/
but really, Ok Taecyeon. Please read epop. Kthanksbye.

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