City Hunter

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City Hunter
The drama revolves around a talented MIT-graduate, Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) who works on the international communications team in the Blue House. He may seem like a normal 28 year old PHD holder but secretly, he has been training all his life in Thailand and is now back in Korea to plan his revenge against five politicians who caused his father and 19 other soldier's death with his surrogate father Lee Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Jung) and is known by the citizens of South Korea as the "City Hunter"

Reasons why you should really watch this drama.

No its not another drama for girls to moon over the hot Lee Min Ho who by the way also kicks ass and fires guns in this drama.
Even though I DID started this drama because of him.
but besides the tall and amazingly hot Lee Min Ho, this drama is action packed and is bound to keep you jumping around your seat.

Professionally trained in Thailand !

If you're a girl and you don't like action movies, its ok. This drama has love scenes too.
Park Min Young is one of the cutest actress ever. One of the reasons why I super like her is because she doesn't remind me of the SNSD girls. No offence to soshi fans.
Even though I must admit, the love scenes are a little too.. kuazhang. In this drama though, there was one part I didn't really like.
If someone took a bullet for you and is bleeding in front of you, probably dying soon, will you A - call the ambulance, or B - hug her an tell her how much she meant to you, apologize for everything you've done, promise this promise that ?

The dad. is plain evil. This drama is SUPER JINGAK ONE.
This old man is GOOD. He can kick ass with one leg and a tongkat. So Jackie Chan can !
The twist and turns in this drama is good enough to make you come back for more. So many mysteries uncovered, so many unexpected people popping up. Kinda unexpected.
Totally not like Lee Min Ho's previous, Boys Over Flowers. This is the TOTAL OPPOSITE.

Cat and mouse chase throughout the wholee drama.

Lee Jun Hyuk as Kim Yeong Ju, the prosecutor who is trying his best to catch the City Hunter. I really hated him at the start of the drama. He just appears at the wrong places at the wrong times to spoil City Hunter's plans but in the end I super loved himm. Probably my favourite character in the drama.

Yes this is one drama you cannot miss. No this is not the typical Korean drama where the mum forbids the guy to be with the girl and no they did not blindly just spend their days pakto-ing without having to care about work/family/money.

Ok I know its a little far fetched. I mean, MIT graduate, PHD holder with little/no basic education, professional killer, can climb walls, can kick ass, always at the right place at the right time ALL AT THE AGE OF 28.
and he can like track down everyone. With just a few taps on his ipad and all.
But heck, just look at this face

and all of the above is no longer a problem :)

Another awesome drama by Lee Min Ho !
Rating : 9/10
SO GOOD THAT I SAT IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN JUST TO REFRESH HOPING SOMEONE UPLOADED SUBBED VIDS :)) It just finished airing on Thursday but you can download them HERE ! My source of drama :)

Warning: This drama has ALOT of cliff hangers at the end of episodes.
Watch only when you have a lot of free time.

Its the end of July already,
Good thing City Hunter ended. Or else I'll be stuck here everyday.

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