Monday, June 27

Super Like.Kit

Recently dad brought home a Super Like.Kit.

What exactly is the Super Like.Kit ?
The Super Like.Kit is black, and shiny at the same time. Like a diamond, just that its in black.
The Super Like.Kit is comfortable.
The Super Like.Kit sounds weird. Compared to its other species.
The Super Like.Kit is fast. Like lightning.

Ok maybe not that fast.
To sum it all up, the Super Like.Kit is something like a panther.
Black, soft and fast.

and I Super Like.Kit

@DaowenLing Ditch summer school la ! Faster come home :)


Mich said...

*_* can u give me a lift in the event of seeing me stranded in some place in that car ? XDXD

Sydney said...

O.o his name is Kit??

Shuwen said...

@Mich HAHA I CANT DRIVE LOLOL Unless you wanna die early la LOLOL
@Sydney SLK. HAHA Super Like Kit LOL

HenRy LeE ® said...

can transform into a robot or not? LOL

SiMon Har said...

wah... your dad's?

Shuwen said...

@Henry haha you think Autobot mehh ?
@simon Yeah, my parents' :)

Adrian Yu said...
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