Sitiawan has China Town

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My family is a HUGE fan of hawker food. I practically grew up with 933, a pretty fehmas hawker center in Sitiawan. My dad loves Char Koey Teow so much that the only food on his mind whenever he's overseas is char koey teow. There was even a time when my big bro came back from the states and we went there so often that the waitress could get us our usual drinks without us even ordering.

But then, recently we have been cutting down on eating out, since everyone is on diet. (Everyone excludes fatty LOL)

That was one of the reasons why I didn't know there was China Town in Sitiawan. The other reason might be because I have been astaka for a few months now :/
Pictures were taken with my iPhone. Tried my best to photoshop but I think I work better on faces :(

Like China, this place is over-populated. Seriously.
but woots the variety.

Curry noodles.

Dim sum, satay

ikan bakar

933's is still better.

Whats better is, this place is in the middle of the cinema and astaka (place where people go jogging etc exercises) I totally like this more than 777 :)
If you're confused by numbers, yeah we have a lot of numbers to remember. People just like numbers too much. Like the upcoming marathon called "1 Murid, 1 sukan, 1 Malaysia" or something alot that line wtf. I wouldn't be surprised if a Pusat Makanan 1 Malaysia pops up somewhere.


Have been slacking in my studies recently. Just started watching an old drama starring
Kim Hyun Joong

You know whats wrong with this picture ? Everything.
From the hair to the body. Everything is just too perfect. His features are so sharp can cut beef. Ok crazy fan girl mood is on again. I better run. BAI :)

BTW my little cousin has a blog and she's 10 !

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