Loss of something important.

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Dear Charles and Keith heels,

I remember the first time I saw you in the Seventeen magazine. I fell in love with you instantly. It was the Ok Taecyeon kind of love at first sight. The kind of love that you still hold on to even though you won't meet the other person.

Amazingly, I met you at Pavillion. I was like jumping around like mad but because we had to go I had to leave you behind. My heart shattered into so many pieces just looking at you sitting on that shelf asking me to come to you. But no, I had to leave.

Few days later I ran to Charles and Keith Sunway Pyramid, but I didn't see you there. I was so, so, disappointed, because I was leaving KL that day. Which meant you'll be taken away by someone else and my love for you will forever be hidden. The fear of not finding you anymore, the fear of not seeing you anymore, the fear of never meeting anything like you anymore. It kind of scares me if someone were to tell me to spend another 5 years hunting for the perfect pair of heels that will attract me like a magnet.

After much disappointment, I went over to Empire for Japanese dinner. The food was awesome but my mind was on you. While going down to the carpark, we passed by Charles and Keith and I just glanced in, not expecting you to be there. BUT YOU WERE. Sitting there elegantly looking at me, wanting me to go embrace you.

Oh the joy when dad nodded. The joy of having you, the joy of having your comfort, the joy of being able to see you, touch you. I was so happy I tried you on and bought you in less than 10 minutes. I didn't even care about the price anymore.

I wore you with pride. At IU evening

At cousin's wedding,
and I was looking forward to wearing at my neighbor's wedding, at Interact Installation, but this cruel cruel world, had to pull us apart. Pulling us to two ends of the world. (Ok maybe not two ends la but whoever took you away from me should be pretty far from here) After leaving Australia, I purposely packed you in a hand-carry luggage so that I will never lose you even if AirAsia screws up.
At LCCT, we loaded all the bags on board and went home, just to find out that we accidentally left one bag behind. The bag with you in it

When I heard the news all I could do is stare into blank space.
Even though you're a pair of heels, you felt so human to me. You weren't just a pair of heels to me, you were a pair of.....boyfriendheels. We had a relationship.
So wherever you are, I hope you feel my love. Losing you is very painful, and it still feels surreal. Please come back to me T________________T


You probably just noticed you've read a whole blogpost of crap but really, I'm feel very very upset over my lost heels. My only pair of proper heels I spent so much on.
In the bag also I lost my favourite jacket/vest from Banana Republic.

I'm having crazy thoughts that the person who found my bag at LCCT would magically read my blog and out of pure kindness return me my baby heels and jacket.
Ok who am I kidding, the world isn't that small :/

but seriously I want cry laaa T______________________T
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I shall go, uhm cry over my lost heels T___T bye.

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