I can't find a word.

by - 4:17:00 PM

I cannot find a word to describe what I've been feeling today because the feeling I've been feeling today is totally indescribable as its a feeling that no words in the dictionary can ever describe. Ok maybe can. I'm delusional.

Ok I'm delusional just by calling myself delusional.
Lets see what happened yesterday.

#1 Halfway through tuition I got sick of my long hair (which almost reaches my butt) and decided to chop them off and get bangs. I'm so gonna do it before SPM.

#2 I was in the mood to design the school magazine. DEADLINE IS THIS FREAKING WEDNESDAY but then, my computer's graphic card amazingly died and my computer went into hospital.

Now what happened today ?

#1 Met the worst asshole ever. Hello I know you're smart and all that, I know how amazing you are in maths ok but don't you think you're Einstein. Even Einstein has flaws. I bet Einstein can't play football, or do a hollowback/backflip can he ? So stop thinking you're so amazing. Some people are trying to help. If you don't want to help you can very well stfu tym.

#2 I lost my Charles and Keith heels.
Rephrase : I lost my ONLY Charles and Keith heels. Yeah the gold pretty ones that were featured in the Seventeen magazine.
Because we left one hand luggage somewhere at the airport when we came back from Australia. T______________________________T

This is one random boliao post for those nothingtodo people. I'm feeling so upset right now over my lost shoes :/
but then my neighbours are having a huge party. She's getting married so YAY !

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