Flight back home.

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I'm grateful I'm back in Malaysia and not stuck at the airport with the 30,000 people whose flights got cancelled or dead halfway across the pacific ocean (I don't even know if we flew past the pacific ocean. Thats just the only ocean I know)
Due the ash from the Chile volcanos, my flight was delayed for 6 hours.
6, six, enam, liu, yosut.
but thanks to amazing Steve Jobs I didn't really die of boredom in the super crowded terminal. I also had fun looking at a super hot Air Asia Thai air steward.
Perverted I know but heck his features are so sharp that it can cut beef.

On board, there was this super good looking Middle Eastern wearing a Fedora hat, playstation 3 in one hand, formal suit in another and walking around in dorky glasses.
Ok I'm back to the stage where I whine about why Sitiawan doesn't have guys who look like these. T______________________________________T

but what made this flight most interesting, was the Australian who sat next to me.
Ok, here's like a few conversations with had.

(while flying across the Australian deserts)
Him : Look ! Thats a lake. A dried up lake. It used to have water but its all dried up. And look ! Thats sand, and more sand. Look at that mountain ? Thats sand too.
Me : Oh ok, wow.

Him : You know, I'm a maths teacher and I have a 3 year old son
Me : Oh really ?
Him : and I travel alot, you know I'm going to Malaysia to climb Mount Kinabalu and run the KL Marathon, I really love travelling. I work for 2 years and I take half year leave with 80% salary. I've been to like Europe, South East Asia, China, oh EVERYWHERE ! My son's mum is from Vietnam you know, but yeah we met in Melbourne...... and she's a HORRIBLE person, simply TERRIBLE
Me :

Him : When I went to India earlier this year I fell really really sick. I had (*insert scientific name*), ever heard of that ?
Me : uhm no.
Him : Ok so have you heard of (*insert another scientific name*) ?
Me : uhm no.
Him : *gives wtf look*, ok lets just say I had diarrhea and now I have a huge appetite.
(ok sure why the fug are you telling me this again ?)


Me : How much is this cup of milo you bought ?
Him : Its RM5, about 1.70 AUD. but yeah I gave them 2 AUD, and told them to keep the change. You know.. like let them share the 30 cents among their colleagues.
Me : ...................
Him : This cup of milo is really hot and sweet. Just like you.
Me : ...................

(When I was halfway reading a chic lit)
Him : when you're done reading that, you can read my book you know. Its about stock markets. This book was written in 1980+ when there was a huge economic crash and you know what ? Its all happening again now ! Also did you know, Australia has very serious case of baby boom. After the world war two (*insert some facts pls I wasn't paying attention*)

(Flying across Singapore)
Him : look, thats Singapore
Me : *half asleep* mhhm.
Me : MHHM.
Him : Are you deaf ? *moves around in his seat* can you hear me better now ? How bout now ? Now ?

After plane landed
Him : On behalf of Australia, I present you this Travel magazine, to assist you in your further travelling.
Me : Oh wow thanks
Him : On behalf of Australia again, I present you this finance magazine, hoping you will find something useful out of it.

Like after he finally shut up, some China kids started shouting and quarreling behind me. Couldn't even sleep la !
As much as I like being praised, I don't really expect an old maths teacher with an ex Viet wife and 3 year old son to call me hot la. Mad awkward !
But yeah, I'm glad I'm finally back in Malaysia. In the place where wifi is free everywhere, the place where airport trolleys don't demand money. Land of dirty squatting toilets.

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