Amazing Australia.

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I was in Australia feeding Kangaroos and hugging Koala Bears few two weeks.

Just kidding, I didn't even see a Koala Bear in that whole two weeks. Instead, me and my extended family (a total of 12 people and 23428789423 luggage) squeezed into a van and drove from Brisbane to Sydney. Brisbane to Sydney is approx 925km apart and would take about 12 hours to reach (without rest). But because everyone in the Lee family is a procrastinator, our journey took three days.

You know how tour guides always bring you to places like Sydney Opera House, or Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostles etc etc ?
Well as magnificent as those can be, there is a side of Australia tour guides don't bring you to. The side of Australia I experienced after three days being cramped in a small space of an overloaded van.

#1 First stop - Coolanggata. Pretty close to Gold Coast, Queensland.

#2 Byron Bay. Its a pretty famous tourist attraction.

The view here is so amazing. Really worth the climb up to the lighthouse.

#3 Small town called Grafton. This is just this random lakeside that we accidentally landed on.

and I swear, this is NOT photoshopped. Like zero.

#4 Coff Harbor.

Another part of Coff Harbor.

#5 This is a totally random place before Port Macquarie. I don't even know how we found this place.

#6 Port Macquarie ! The historical port.

#7 Rainbow waves ! I didn't really take a close picture but around the rocks there were dolphins floating up and down.

#8 Newcastle. Just like the name, all the buildings and churches here resembles castles.
So medieval that it feels like some vampire will suddenly hop out and eat you unless you carry garlic on you which is highly unlikely. So yeah if you don't carry ginger you should so that no vampire would eat you. #crap

Of course the trip wasn't just about beaches, and beaches, and beaches, and sunsets.
There were amazing food too ! My uncle cum driver is like a pie addict.
No seriously, he's so addicted to pie that we can spend hours circling one small town until we find pie and if we dont, ....... oh no we definitely will cos he doesn't give up.

Fredo's pie shop in a very small town (even smaller than Sitiawan) called Fredickton
This place is seriously in the middle of nowhere. Everywhere you turn, you see fields, and cows. Very isolated.

but I am willing to ponteng school, drive 4 hours from Sydney just to get to this award winning pie shop. (They seriously did win alot of awards). Not only do they have your normal chicken/beef pie, they are most famous for their crocodile pies and camel pies.

Ok there's supposed to be more pictures from Woolgoonga and Campbell beach but I think you're pretty bored of beaches already.
So yeah, holidays just ended, school just started, I've not even gotten my mid year results and everyone is preparing for pre-trials already.
Sucks to be Form 5 :/

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