2PM 2nd Album HANDS UP.

by - 3:15:00 PM

Look what arrived in the mail today !!

I ordered this on YesAsia right after I watched Hands Up teaser.
and the boys really didn't disappoint :) Hands up is an ALL KILL.

One year and they're out with their 2nd album :)

Album tracks include Hands Up, Like a Movie, Hot, Electricity and also older tracks like I'll Be Back, Without You, Don't Stop Can't Stop and Thank You !

Taec focus muahahaha.
Album comes with two photobooks for Hottests to feast their eyes on the smexy boys :)
All the pictures were taken in Singapore ! Netizens are even calling them Singapore's Tourism Ambassadors ! I wanna go Singapore now T__T

and if you think thats the end of this amazing album,

it just gets better :)
picture frame with interchangeable pictures and calendar !

I figured if I love the boys so much I should do something to support them no ? They worked so hard to not disappoint us Hottests, so definitely we shouldn't disappoint them by downloading their music off the net, so yes. Don't rip off the net !

I pre-ordered this at YesAsia and the price seemed to increase as I bought it 15USD cheaper but you'll definitely not regret this good buy :) If you're a Hottest, this is SOO worth it. Its the limited edition so hurry up and grab it before it runs out !

I feel really contented that I get to support the boys like this, 2PM hwaiting !

*Hottests are what 2PM fans are called :)
Sorry boys, if you finished reading this post, THANKYOU for bearing with the crazy fangirl.

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