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Blogging cos this would be the last day I see my computer before it gets sent to hospital. My hard disk is like at the end of its life.

Recently, this monster here,

has been circulating the internet alot. Domokun - The monster with only one face.
and to most people out there, there is only one word to describe this monster.

I must admit, he IS a little cute when you look at it.
but then, Powerpuff Girls would probably be insulted if you call a monster who can't close his mouth cute.
Because the more you look at it, the more un-cute it is.

The problem with most people nowadays is that, they are SO INFLUENCED by other people, that they follow just whatever other people tell them.
If I say "Domokun is the cutest thing on earth" to 100 people, and that 100 people tell each other "Domokun is the cutest thing on earth", eventually all 100 people will think domokun is the cutest thing on earth when in fact, they don't find him cute at all.

Something like this
Just killed my love for Hello Kitty.

Not only with Domokun. All around the world.
Did you know, in olden days, men find FAT WOMEN attractive ?
But now, skinny women with big boobs are what attract. Why ? Because everyone tells you skinny women with big boobs attract boys.
People are going through anorexia, going for body slimming sessions, going for liposuction, surgery to make them taller, surgery to make them skinnier, cellulite reduction etc etc, WHY ? Because the whole world, models, movies, actress, advertisements tell you that skinny and tall people are more attractive.

It goes on like that until one point, you hate yourself for not being skinny or tall.
I've been there done that. I've been so influenced by people that I had such low self esteem and constantly need assurance.
I used to say I love Spongebob just cos someone I really look up to likes Spongebob. All my friends eventually think I like Spongebob and started giving me yellow squares on my birthday. My room is still now a big blob of yellow.
I like watching spongebob but if you ask me, he's not really cute.

Not convinced ?
Next example. Everyone knows Gucci, LV, Prada no ?

After much observation, I've noticed some people buy bags, just because of the brand.
Not because of its quality, not because they like it. But because they think if they use it outside people will like it.
I'm not saying everyone who buys branded bags are like that. Its just one handful of people, so influenced by advertisements, so influenced by the atas world, that they will spend thousands just to get a newly released bag that doesn't look all that good.
But just because the whole world says "Oh its expensive, and Paris Hilton has it, so it must be good la !"

So much of these influences are going around that people just don't stay themselves anymore. They change and change into someone totally different, just because of influence around them. When you like something, like it with your heart. Not just because everyone else likes it.

Some people stop dreaming their dream, just cos people tell them its impossible, just cos everyone else isn't dreaming that dream. At the same time, some people force themselves to dream someone else's dream, just cos everyone is dreaming that dream.
WHY MAKE LIFE SO HARD ? Love something with your heart, sincerely. Not because someone else tells you to.

This world needs more people who are true to themselves.
This world needs more people who are really themselves.
For short, this world needs more real people.

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