Small kids talk too much.

by - 3:23:00 PM

Recently I spent a lot of time with the extended family who came down from KL and I tell you things small kids say are so amazing. Especially conversation between my ten year old cousin and my fatty bro.

Here are some of the epic things these two fatties said.

Fatty : I may look fat, but I am actually very skinny.

Cousin : OH ! Pirates and the Mermaid is coming out on the 19th ! Lets go watch

Cousin : Shuwen ah, I ask you something please don't say I kacau ok ? If one day Eugene and Kenny both fall into the water who will you save first ?
Funniest thing bout this is that both dudes can swim, I can't.

Cousin : Yay ! In 10 days we're gonna go to Sini (Sydney)
Fatty : hah ? you sure ah ? Dowan go situ or sana meh ?
Cousin : What are you saying ? we're going to Displane (Brisbane) la..

Cousin : Tomorrow Pirates and the... I don't know the name but lets go watch ok ?
Fatty : Its called Pirates and the Dinosaur.

ROFL I totally rolled over laughing halfway through studying Chemistry. LOL


Today is also Dilys' birthday ! Go wish her ok ?
Oh and that day mum told me one of her friends met her and the market and told her she likes my blog (wtf whichever auntie you are, thank you ah for being so nice) and my mum reminded her to click my ads. SUPPORTIVE MUM (Y) (Y)

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