Saturday, May 14

Seven things I like about you.

Seven things I like about you.

Your boob muscles when you wear a tight shirt. Yeah I'm a fan of man boobs.
Okay that sounded wrong.

You being a gentleman.
You're the type of guy who would hold the door open for a girl, get down the car to open the door for a girl, knows when to let a girl win, knows when to say the right things.

Amazing athlete.
Athletic boys are so homaigoodliciously hot.

The way you smile.

Your jokes.
Which uhm, aren't really that funny but that awkward silence after your joke is HAHA.

Your patience. Always willing to listen.
You know what your priorities are and you know how to balance up your responsibilities. You know when to sacrifice and what to sacrifice.

Your love. Not for me obviously.
but for your family. Your mum. Nothing is more attractive than seeing a man's love for his mother :)

So yes thats seven things I like about you.

This post is like a SUPER SIEN post to entertain myself cos I'm just too lazy to study my Physics or Chemistry.
And yeah I did have someone on my mind when writing this. So its not just another imaginary boyfriend hahahahaha. Chal-gah.

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Sydney said...

waiha :D someone special has been popping out in your mind and you cant concentrate on your studies hahaha