School bullies cut girl's hair.

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The Internet is amazing. A hate page was created on facebook like less than an hour ago, and now it has 9000+ haters already.
What hate page you may ask ? THIS hate page.
Try liking this page and look at the video posted.

I disagree with all the profanities la but this girl went too over the board.

Another case of gang bully. A bunch of girls (Why is it always girls, what happened to boy bullies ??? T_____T) apparently dislike this particular plump girl in their class.
From her blog, she said stuff like

你好去减肥啦 都是你害我看到酱油鸡 都不敢吃了
(you should go on diet, all because of you I don't even dare to eat chicken* anymore)
There was a lot more. She called her fat, called her porkchop and alooot of profanities. I'm not gonna publish her blog link her cos I don't think she needs any more extra haters LOL.

Ok I lied, I think she needs more extra haters after what she has done.
Not only did she slap and hit the girl (which she later said on her blog that she didn't even touch her), the whole gang of girls also cut off most of the poor crying girl's hair.
The girl was crying and pleading but did they stop ? NO. They continued on cutting her hair cos they think she's ugly and she's a piece of pork.
ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS ? From the video they look like they're only what.. 15 or 16 ? How can they be so childish ? and they say girls are supposed to mature faster than guys. She called the victim fat and ugly. Honestly I don't find her any where near the pretty range. If you're so confident of yourself, why pull down other people to make yourself look prettier ?

And look how amazing internet is. Less than an hour and she has 1072 comments. I've never even reached 30 comments for a blog post T__T
If I were her I would sign up for nuffnang and place ads on my blog. At least I have haters but I still earn money. HAHA.
Just kidding, I don't ever want to be her so yeah no point cursing myself.

I've also noticed, these bullies, are rather stupid.
Haven't you seen cases like these on the newspapers ? Don't you guys know the consequences ? Yet they find it FUN to record it and post it online.
This is just like you raped and killed someone, and you tell everyone on facebook. How stupid is that ?

So yeah hopefully there will be less cases like these. LESS CASES INVOLVING GIRLS. All those bad words coming out of your mouth is making you look bad enough already.
I don't wanna spread the message of hate. Its just that, HOW CAN YOU STAND LOOKING AT A GIRL CRYING + PLEADING AT YOU, and you still cut off all her hair.

Gonna go watch fast and furious 5 later. Vin Diesel ! wooots :)
Oh and by the way, after finishing this post, her haters has already increased to 12,000+ In less than 15 minutes. See how great facebook is ?

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