Friday, May 27

Random shiz before I leave.

I'm leaving for Australia tomorrow for two whole weeks.
So yes, this is a blogpost to sum up everything I did before I go. I have soo many pictures to post but it just takes so long to load !

Bowling with them cousins.
Spot the pro mega improvement from 0 to 26 !

Mcdonalds with the man who eats burger topped with fries.

Band practices everyday !
Oh and I just noticed from this picture, there's 2 and a half Indian and one Singh.
So colorful la our band.

Teacher's Day !
This is like the only picture I took during Teacher's Day.
I'm spending so much time with band I'm suddenly regretting choosing to go to Aussie.

Ok slash that.
I'll be gone for TWO WHOLE WEEKS
and thanks to AirAsia,

This is how sad my bag looks. I can't even fit my boots or my heels.
Today is such a not very happy day :/

I'm gonna miss you botak Roselle Von Theodore.

Goodbye green home.

Will update when I reach Australia.
Good news for all you readers and followers !
If my blog followers hit 100 before I come back from Australia (12th June), I'll be bringing home something really special for all you readers :))
So yes, follow if you haven't !


Sydney said...

ive already followed you!! hahaha! safe trip girl B)

Natasha Ting said...

Awww envy you. For both the followers amount and also the new lens. What lens,may i ask? XP . Safe journey btw!

Shuwen said...

Thanks ! :)
Tamron 17-50mm 2.8F :)

Anonymous said...

Tell your bro to get me some souvenirs.btw im joseph chua

JOvE said...

Have a pleasant trip!:)
I'm the 98th followers. :)