Lady Gaga.

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One fine day, I checked my twitter followers list and I found

Anyone on the list looks familiar to you ? Lady Gaga is following me on twitter.
I usually never bother to look at who's following me since out of 10, 9 are advertisers. I only found out she's following me after my friend told me.
And look, she followed me around the time my brother followed me. That is like... a year ago ?

I was shocked at first. But I wasn't going crazily happy cos I wasn't.
I wasn't a fan of Lady Gaga. I'm not a hater. I just don't like her.

Let me tell you why I don't like her.
Of course, you can't deny her voice and great body.
Pokerface was one of my favorite songs but after that, all I wanted to do was poke her face. But the worst was Judas, her latest single.

I don't really understand the lyrics in Judas except that she's in love with him and she leaked her song 4 days before the official release.
The same as how Judas betrayed Jesus 4 days before Easter.
She claims her song isn't a biblical lesson, but still I find her demonic. Not only does she sing songs like these, she also takes very scary pictures.

She didn't deny either, she's the mother monster.
She likes to place things where they don't belong.
Like an arrow on her crotch.

Oh sorry, did I scare you ? Well I didn't. Lady Gaga did.

Not one of her best bloodified pictures I guess ?

Devil horns ? Seriously ?
Not only that, she dresses up WEIRD. *bold*bold*underline*

and of course, who can forget the meat costume ?

I guess they don't sell meat underwear ehh ?

I honestly think there's a thin line between being special and being weird.
I don't find her special. I find her weird.

I supah don't understand. I tweet Ok Taecyeon every day, but he NEVER read/reply my tweets, let alone follow me but someone whom I've never tweeted / read her tweets follow me. Why la T____T ?

Today is Friday, I had a hard time deciding to sit in the front seat or the back seat. Tomorrow is Saturday and I have English exam. fml.

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