International Understanding Evening 2011

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Last Saturday we had a combined International Understanding Evening with Nan Hwa. It started at 4.30 at the Nan Hwa school hall.

Pictures will do most of the talking :) Picture credits to Ivan and Vicknesh.

3.45 - 4.15 Registration.
The five directors.

More vain pics coming up, don't complain first.

With assistant secretary.

Rotarians and teacher advisors.
There were a lot of interesting costumes and i was kinda amazed at how much people are willing to spend to be pretty for that night only.
In my case it was different. I bought the white maxi dress not only for that night but probably for my sister's wedding too IF I can still fit into it by then HAHA.

The Korean. She seriously looks like Korean la !

We had.. punjabi cowboy cameraman wannabe.

French ! She looks soooo cute I wanna rip that dress off to make it into curtains for my room.
Just saying :)

Red Indians.

What do you call a malay who wears songkok AND tudung ?
Oh and thats Julia the German, if you didn't read my previous posts and you don't know *glares*


Yang Gui Fei. LOL


More Yang Gui Feis

Cowboys. The dude on the right is the Nan Hwa IU Director and heck I think for a Form 4 he's pretty awesome cos he did SO MUCH for that night.

Normal cina who don't look like Yang Gui Fei.

Japanese couple. They looked really cute :)

Korean. fml why everyone look so cute.

Emcee from ACS.
I don't have a picture of the emcee from Nan Hwa but I tell you these two are like the pro-est emcees ever. We had super huge time problem and the programmes were just running by too fast but these two people managed to drag the time

Yeah the guy righhht in the middle is the Nan Hwa's emcee.

We also had quite alot of technical problems during the performance mainly because the DJs didn't have enough time to test out the music before the event. Julia (the German) even sang without music. There were two teams of hip-hop-ers, one from ACS one from Nan Hwa. Up till now I'm still amazed with their boob pumps. Madddddd.

Wonder boys dancing to Nobody. Supah smexy.

From left to right
Best Dressed, IU Queen, IU King.

Prettiest girl in the whole wide world.

Just saying.

Gladiator heels from Charles and Keith. Appeared in Seventeen mag.
Limped for 2 days after that night.

Vicknesh's camera and speedlight is SO FREAKING AWESOME that I kinda abused him.
but I definitely wasn't the only one.

Everyone say hello to the vain cowboy.

See what I mean by camera/photographer abuse ?

Group picture at the end :)

Few of us went to City Kopitiam after that looking like a marching band of people who just came back from some halloween party.
So yeah. Exams is on Thursday so I probably wouldn't be blogging so often.

By the way, you guys know about the youthsays birthday bash right ? I think I blogged about it few days ago.
Congrats to Yuliangchew for winning the Macbook Air ! Mad lucky okkk.
So please, be a good reader and click my links

Thankyouverymuchhaveaniceday and for those of you taking exams this week.
All the best ! :)

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