Facts about me you didn't know.

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Fact #1
I don't have an English name ? Think again.

Its called Sue. BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW THAT DIDYA. Its just not in my cert.

Fact #2
Every day I drink 1-2 glasses of RM8 milk.
Its supposed to like, cure my asthma or something

Fact #3
I'm mildly allergic to normal milk.
Well at least my lungs are. I cough after too much milk. Thus explains my height I guess ?

Ok actually it doesn't. I blame my inactivity when I was in Form 1.

Fact #4
I have no armpit hair.
Somehow nobody really believes me when I say that.
They always go "aiya don't shy shy la, tell me what brand you use to shave"
but then I'm serious.

Fact #5
When I was 5, I had a friend at Saturday Arithmetics class.
We were both kinda slow in class and the teacher ALWAYS tells us both "No one will ever love both of you except for your own mothers"
My friend cried so much she quit, but I stayed on for 6 years.
Fail teacher.

When I was 14, another teacher from school told me
"You will never get A, you will never succeed"
Another fail teacher.
I will probably carry what they said in my heart for the rest of my life just because it hurts so much its strives me forward every day.

Fact #6
I used to be able to see answers in the sky during exams up till I was 8.
I could also understand what my dog was trying to tell me.
But that was like 10 years ago when I was so imaginative and free I could watch Disney Channel for as long as I want.

Fact #7
I've dated a Malay and an Indian before.

Fact #8
I'm a victim of household abuse *stares at fatty*
But at least I'm not the only one being bullied. HAHAHA

He runs around the house alot. HAHA

Fact #9
I have never fully watched a whole horror movie.
Once my sister watched Emily Rose downstairs and I couldn't sleep just cos I heard the girl scream. Oh and I still share a room with my brother cos I'm chicken like that.

Fact #10
I'm 17, and I don't use the adult toothbrush as it STILL hurts my gums.

Yay ! now you know a little more of me.
Super anticipating Tuesday. I have a new found love for all my band members HAHA.
Byee ! :)

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