A day to rejoice.

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Today, is seriously a day to rejoice.
Despite the awful weather or the person who ruined my mood at school, today, has been awesome so far. Okay probably not just today, but this week.

I can finally catch a glimpse of how I will feel after SPM ends.
3 weeks of non stop studying and I've really had enough.

#2 Off to Aussie on Saturday !!
Ikr, I must be crazy to be off travelling. I should be like, studying for my SPM or something.
This year we'll be going to Brisbane for my cousin's wedding, Sydney to visit my auntie and then Melbourne ! Fatty is already drooling over Bondi Beach pork ribs now.
Mum even more kua zhang, she's already planning all her meals she'll be having in Melbourne. But then its like a no shopping trip, since 6 people has to cramp into one car with ALL the baggage when we drive from Brisbane to Sydney.

#3 New camera lens !!!!!
This like part of fueling myself to blog more, blog better and also I figured if I buy something expensive I'll feel guilty enough to study so hard for SPM that I get alot of scholarships or something so yeah. I've ordered, so HOPEFULLY its shipped before I go to Aussie.


Japanese single by the world's most amazing beastly idols :))
and best of all, it comes with a mad amazing photobook !!

Ok Taecyeon biased, sorry.

My doctor suggested I stop ALL asthma medicine. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT ? I've been waiting all my life for ONE doctor to say "Okay, you can now stop your pulmicort" LOL but since I'm worried myself I decided to continue on for 4 months.
No attacks in 4 months and I can declare myself free from asthma.

For those of you who follow my twitter, I kind of freaked out over losing some really important pictures few weeks ago.
Turns out today, I FREAKED OUT FOR NOTHING ! :)) I have all the pictures I want.

Got pranked by one of my closest friends. I seriously have damn amazing friends.

and the most amazing that has happened this week.
I'VE GAINED 0.50CM !!!
I don't really care when people say you can't grow taller after puberty. I just need longer legs. All those glasses of milk every day sure paid off.
Omg I'm so happy imma go stretch now. BYE ! :D :D

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