Thursday, April 28

You guys had been awesome :)

I know how awesome my readers are,
and also how awesome my twitter followers are,
and also how awesome my facebook friends are.
THANK YOU GUYS, for being so ever supportive, even though I abandon my blog quite alot, even though I PMS all over twitter and facebook.

but yeah, I love you guys and you guys know you guys are the awesomest right ?
So to continue being these awesome people,


Why do I need you to click them ? Well this is actually really important because I'm sacrificing my study time to do this.
First of all, is having this birthday bash and every day they are choosing winners by lucky draw to win AMAZING PRIZES. All you have to do is share the links.

You have everything and you're asking what amazing prizes can there be ?
Well let me tell you how amazing. is giving out
#1 Plasma TV
#2 RM50 Borders Voucher
#3 Groupon vouchers
#4 Day pass to Universal Studios Singapore
#5 Kingston pendrives
#6 RM500 donations to WWF
#7 RM100 Jusco voucher
#8 DSLRs
#9 RM50 Starbucks voucher
#10 RM500 vouchers to MNG, Forever 21, ZARA and topshop
#11 Tickets to Maroon 5
#12 RM 100 voucher for TANGS
#13 RM500 donation to SPCA
#14 iPhones
#15 Mackbook Airs
#16 iPads
#17 Lomo cameras

and many more.
Tell me la, are you salivating now ?
There are SO MANY prizes and they are giving out ONE EVERY DAY. How crazy is that ?
Wonder how to participate ?
It is that simple. So hurry up and get goingg ! Prizes don't wait forever. And oh yeah don't forget, you're awesome, so click on the links alright ? :) Thankyou very much !! :))

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