Toilet walls

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You know whats an eye sore of practically every school ?

School walls. Especially toilet walls. And my school probably isn't the only school facing this problem.

After much observation, I found out most people who do these are kids from lower secondary. I dont know, its either their parents gave them SO MUCH pocket money that they bought so many pens and don't know where else to use it except on toilet walls


They think peeing without moving around is boring.

I think the school did a pretty good job end of last year, painting the walls of the toilets BUT THEN, I think it didn't even last a month.
Recently there has been MORE drawings. IN MY FAVOURITE CUBICLE (which is also the cleanest and also one of the cubicles with locks)

So now everytime I pee, I see this whole big patch of blue in front of me.

To the person who wrote this :
You are definitely no better than the Saidatul girl you're badmouthing about. You're a coward, an insecure coward who is ashamed of your own name.
If you hate her so much, why not go confront her ? Why not say all these things right at her face ? Why write it on WALLS where EVERYONE can see ?
For your information, not everyone who pees in that cubicle is interested in your problem with the girl so please, do this somewhere else. (on a paper perhaps cos thats what papers are for)
Form 1, form 2 kids who are not even mentally (or physically) grown up yet saying stuff like this. Aren't you ashamed of yourselves ?
and oh by the way, how many people do you exactly want to flame on walls ?
Who's Anisa now ? I thought you don't like Saidatul one ?

Also, if you really want EVERYONE to read about your problem with some girl, please la, write it in a language everyone can understand can or not ?
I took such a long time processing what you were trying to say that someone knocked on my door asking me how long I intend to shit.
So what if she x d la cntek sgt (not so pretty) ? You know whats x cntek now ? U punya drawing atas sekolah punya toilet cubicle yg x cntek. Lain kali guna black pen ok ? Blue pen x cntek. Mcm moss biru.

Apa tu bersepah ? Tarak faham la.
Dear writer, you wrote a huge "FUCK" just now already. No use writing B*cth cos it doesn't censor much of your personality.
Kelab malam ? Aren't you guys supposed to be in Form 1 ?
Let me tell you what I was doing in Form 1, I was figuring out the high school life. NOT BERSEPAH-ING (whatever that means) IN NIGHT CLUBS OR WRITING ON TOILETS OK.

Before there are any misunderstandings, I didn't take only the malay writings on purpose.
It was because,

I'm sorry, its not that I want to judge. I don't like judging, neither do I have the time to but everytime I walk into the toilet, I'm like going into BM lesson all over again.
and I think I know why.

Chinese more kiamsiap. Save all their money buy useful pens to write during exams.
Indians don't really care. They don't like someone, they call their brothers, boyfriends, father, uncles to school to whack that person up.

I'm just kidding by the way, I don't mean to raise any sensitive issue. This is only mean to be a joke.

I remember when I was in Form 2 I had a drawing about me. It was a girl who had a crush on my ex bf who wrote "Ling Shuwen bitch. Love XXXXXX idoit"
Yeah I don't know if she spelt idiot wrong on purpose. I didn't even take a second glance at it, plus it faded off after a few months along with the relationship.
Writing on walls, ITS NO USE. If that person is clever, she wouldn't even give a damn about what you write about her on walls.
So yes, you should be using your pens on exercise books studying for PMR or something instead of colouring walls. Thankyouverymuch.

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