Single to In a relationship.

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Yes I'm no longer single and available.

It has been a month already, its just that I've never told ANYONE, not even my best friend due to his family background it not really convenient to reveal him.
So yes wee ! I have a boyfriend !

HELLO, (start of crap)
Waiting for the time of your life ? Well fret not ! The time of your life is tomorrow morning ! If you're not in Sitiawan yet, you better hurry on over so that you don't miss the time of your life. The time of your life starts at 8AM till 2PM i think at ACS Hall. So don't miss the time of your life ! Because when time flies, time never lands and when time never lands, goodbye time of your life and you probably will never. never. ever. ever. get to go to a carnival organized by INTERACT CLUB 10/11 !!!
Cos there shall never be another 2011 year ever again so better come for the time of your life ok?

There will be food, drinks, games and FUN FUN FUN. It is SO FUN, that you should really go to our Japanese cafe to try out their Japaneses FUN (rice in Chinese).
Even though there's no Chee Cheong Fun, but if you don't go, you'll probably be missing the time of your life AND fun. (end of crap)
You should understand what I'm trying to tell you after all that


If you don't have your coupons, don't worry, there'll be tons of coupons on sale there.
Please come ? :) pretty pretty please ?

Today at school,
Someone spalshed acid on me causing big blobs of black on my face.

Just kidding, thats Silver Nitrate so if you're reading this please don't ask me again.

Worst thing about Silver Nitrate ? It stains on everything but takes 2 to 3 days to wash off.
Big blobs of black that looks like moles on face for 2 to 3 days. Thats more horrifying than cleaning Peanut's shit 3 days in a row.
But one thing good from this is that, Silver is expensive right ? So that means.. I'm gonna be pretty expensive for 2 to 3 days ? hahaha cool much.

Gotta go school to help out for the carnival. Don't forget to come
Oh and the bf just asked "What date is today ar ? :))"

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