Pissed off with Pizza Hut.

by - 6:57:00 PM

When my parents are not at home, me and my brother usually order home delivery from Pizza Hut. Today I did the same.

After ordering, they sent me my receipt and I realized I ordered something by mistake and because the email they sent me said

I called hoping I would get to change my order. I even called TWICE cos the first time they made me listen to a really really long commercial and then I was cut off.
The second time they made me listen to an even longer commercial and somemore tried to entertain me with their bubbly music.

Then someone finally picked up. I requested to change and she went like
"Tak boleh change la ! bye"

WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF PISSED !!! No thank you, no "anything else?" but alot of very pissed off tone.
Hello woman, I also very pissed off today ok ? You PMS today I maybe also PMS today but because of your PMS I PMS-er now. HOW ? NOT FAIR ANYMORE RIGHT ?

Dear Pizza Hut, your mother never teach you must mean what you say mehh ?
Like this how you want get married next time ? You say want get married to your girlfriend but then on the day you getting married you say "Tak boleh get married la ! bye" Where can liddis lor ?

I'm so mad right now I'm thinking of how to go date Pizza Hut's boss son just so I can dump him. I'm just kidding I'm not desperate. And even IF I get to date Pizza Hut's boss' son I also duan la, have to face PMS waitresses.

Oh and don't get me going on the prices.
Government tax is SO HIGH ok, and super cheat one the pizzas so expensive even Capri (a fine ITALIAN *underline underline* restaurant in Lumut) is cheaper than you ok.

I'm probably overreacting. I'm just super pissed off today but at least they tried to compensate by giving me a bottle of chili sauce free but heck you think so easy cheer people up with chilli sauce one meh ?

I'm so pissed I wanna go eat my dinner now lah bye

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