Justin Bieber live @ Stadium Merdeka.

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Sorry for the delayed post on Justin Bieber's concert which happened last Thursday on the 21st of April at Stadium Merdeka.

Those of you who went to the concert definitely enjoyed right ? :)
It was truly one entertaining night and the rain definitely didn't dampen the Belieber's spirits. Plus maybe even due to the rain, Bieber Fever spread round the stadium FAST.

The concert started officially at 8.30pm and I left Damansara at 5, we only reached at 7.30 That was how bad the traffic was. We had to wait like 1 and a half hours to drive 500m and throughout the journey I think Hitz.FM played more JB songs than he actually sang that night LOL.

Pouring cats and dogs.

The two Beliebers who know the lyrics to nearly every song played on the radio.

It kind of felt like going to the FIFA World Cup on TV.

Bought my RM98 tickets earlier so we get to sit further up front !

Jam packed with Beliebers. The workers tied all the chairs together so that people wouldn't move them around but it proved to be a waste of time as everyone pulled the strings apart so that they can stack way high up to see their beloved idol.

Thank goodness for the chairs because if not I would be blocked by like EVERYONE.

Official merchandise was EXPENSIVELY flown in from the States.
My little nephew bought this 15 paged photobook of JB which costed RM60. Siao.

At the beginning there were tons of performers and I heard Mizz Nina was there too. I couldn't see properly cos I was so far back and the huge screens weren't turned on at that time but woots, the starting performers totally deepened fans' anticipation since the whole stadium screams every time someone moves on stage even if it wasn't JB.

Huge countdown clock.

At 8.30pm
He finally appeared on stage singing his famous Love Me

Yeah I couldn't really see him, I could only see his face through the screen.

JB singing One Less Lonely Girl to one VERY VERY lucky fan. Her RM500 ticket must be the best buy ever in her life.

JB on guitar.

They also showed some videos of little JB on drums, on guitar.

Which drew even more love from screaming fans.

Oh and by the way, JB is AMAZING on the drumset. His hands are so.fast.


and oh yeah guess who was there too ?
Joel Madden from Good Charlotte !
I used to lovee his songs so its like a double win for that day !

Justin said goodnight and left the stage after that but came back when the fans demanded more. The whole stadium was screaming for him to sing his hit song Baby.
He was really funny on stage and started singing songs like Rock a bye baby and Hit me baby one more time before singing the real thing.
Selena Gomez didn't make any appearances even though she came to Malaysia with Justin. Overall the concert was amazing and everyone was happy but there were a little too many side performances compared to the real perfomance.

The rain ended right before the concert started so it was pretty cool but the ground was really muddy. Aaaah why is Justin Bieber so hot ? :))

Oh and by the way, if you're here after reading Epop, then omg thanks for noticing me ! HAHAHA. I will be going on HIATUS for few weeks due to the oncoming mid year exams. I'm sooo dooomeeed.

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