Saturday, April 9

Justin Bieber - First Step 2 Forever.

I am not a hardcore fan of Justin Bieber, neither do I hate him.

but, after reading Justin Bieber's First Step 2 Forever, my respect for him just doubled.

Honestly I like this book. Its supaah enjoyable to read. Not only is it made out of good quality paper (I am a paper fan tyvm) it also has supaah pretty inner design :)
Not forgetting very professionally taken pictures which my camera obviously cannot reflect.

From this book, one can really see how totally NORMAL Justin Bieber is.
He goes to school, he hangs out with his friends, he plays tag-team, pranks people whenever he can and
Well at least he's honest LOL.

He has worked HARD to be where he is now. He was disappointed, looked down but yet he still practiced, he still waited, he didnt' say never, (well until he sang Never Say Never which he said Never about.. twice) and now he's at the top.
What I really admired about him though was how he still held on to everything he loves. Including his parents, grandparents, friends and his music. In the book he wrote a lot about how his grandfather influenced him, how much he loves his family, God.

His talent is truly a gift from God. In fact he started music at church, where he watched the church members play the drum and I am glad he's still holding on to his beliefs :)

There may be critics saying this book has alot of grammatical errors or maybe a tad too many pictures of him but hey, there are PHOTOBOOKS of celebrities containing ONLY PICTURES. I don't see any of you complaining about the too much of pictures.
and plus, tons of books have grammatical errors, just that those authors don't have as much haters as Justin Bieber. and come on, no one is too young for anything except sex, marriage, drugs and alcohol ok.

So yes, this book is definitely worth reading.
Not worth buying though cos I still think the price is a little high considering I borrowed it from someone else haha ! and woots now I'm going to his concert on the 21st ! :)


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lingbena said...

wah hes coming to malaysia?? who you going with?

Dao said...

shit, that comment above was me, lol

Shuwen said...

haha scared me ! I thought that was dad LOL XD
Yup he's coming to Malaysia, I'm gonna go watch with Yi Han HAHA. He's also a fan LOOL

Supia Chao said...

Not his fans, but you make me feel like I want to read that book too. Its not easy for someone his age to be who he is now.
And why everyone is getting the comment from Kendra Bing? Annoying spammer.