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Before I start, I would clarify about the boyfriend issue in my previous post. I have no boyfriend, it was an April Fool's joke in case anyone misunderstood. The guy in the picture is my cousin HAHA so I'm really sorry. I'm still single and available :D :D


Many people call me racist, so this post is to tell everyone that no, I am NOT racist.
In fact, I am against racism.

I'm okay with all colors but there is one thing I would like to be honest about.
Most people I dislike, are from a particular race.
It doesn't mean I'm against their race. Just those people. You can't call me racist for disliking a few people who coincidentally are of a same race. Right ?

This week, SO MANY people pissed me off.
#1 the kid who tried to steal our Interact stuff. I had to chase him around the hall to grab back the toy he stole. And I was sick. Pissed much. He is of race M.

#2 The girl who KEPT ON talking about her boyfriend. Hello, I don't care.
She's Chinese.

#3 The girl who KEPT FLIRTING. ughh
She's Chinese.

#4 The dude who played the piercing ringtone which can kill ALOT of brain cells in tuition class today. He is of race M.

Yes I dislike alot of people, its just that most of them are of another race ! Its not like I hate EVERYONE of their race, I like some people from their race, in fact I have quite alot of their race friends. So why call me racist ? Don't get me wrong, I'm totally fine with ALL colors.

Lets say, if there's a class, with 20 Chinese, 20 Malays and 20 Indians. There is a really cute boy who has big eyes and is skinny.
If you were to describe that boy to your friend, would you say "The boy with big eyes" or "The Malay boy with big eyes"?
Obviously the latter no ? Because even though we're all the same (Malaysians), we still look different from the outside and its easier for your friend to understand who I'm talking about right?

So if the people I dislike are mostly from another race and I'm called racist, then if I say I hate all men who cheat on their wives, then am I being sexist ? NO.

Its just a matter of categorization. I can group those few people I dislike as "boys who wear spectacles" or "girls who are flirty" but then a more convenient grouping would be "Race X".

Lets say there is a bunch of Race X people on motorbikes outside the school making alot of noise. 3 of them are tall and thin and the other 4 are short and fat. If I were to tell my friend I don't like that bunch of people, I wouldn't say something like "I don't like those 3 tall and thin dudes and those 4 short and fat dudes" cos it sounds so long winded ! I would just say "I don't like those Race X dudes making alot of noise"

So you see, I am NOT racist. Me disliking some people, has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR RACE. Its about their attitude, not their color.

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